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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5, PHP 7)

fbsql_select_dbSelect a FrontBase database


fbsql_select_db ([ string $database_name [, resource $link_identifier ]] ) : bool

Sets the current active database on the given link identifier.

The client contacts FBExec to obtain the port number to use for the connection to the database. If the database name is a number the system will use that as a port number and it will not ask FBExec for the port number. The FrontBase server can be stared as FRontBase -FBExec=No -port=<port number> <database name>.

Every subsequent call to fbsql_query() will be made on the active database.



The name of the database to be selected.

If the database is protected with a database password, the you must call fbsql_database_password() before selecting the database.


fbsql_connect()fbsql_pconnect() 返回的 FrontBase 链接标识符.

如可选并未指定,函数会尝试查找一个到 FrontBase 服务器的开放链接,且如没有找到这样的链接,会尝试通过不带参数调用 fbsql_connect() 来创建一个。


成功时返回 TRUE, 或者在失败时返回 FALSE