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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

imap_getmailboxesRead the list of mailboxes, returning detailed information on each one


imap_getmailboxes ( resource $imap_stream , string $ref , string $pattern ) : array

Gets information on the mailboxes.



imap_open() 返回的 IMAP 流。


ref should normally be just the server specification as described in imap_open()


Passing untrusted data to this parameter is insecure, unless imap.enable_insecure_rsh is disabled.



在组成 pattern 的字符中可使用两个特殊字符: '*' 和 '%'。 '*' 是指返回所有邮箱目录. 如果将 '*' 作为 pattern 参数时, 则会返回整个邮箱层级结构。 '%' 是指只返回当前级次。 '%' 作为 pattern 参数则只会返回顶层邮箱; '~/mail/%' 用于 UW_IMAPD 则会返回名为 ~/mail 的目录, 但不包含其子目录。


Returns an array of objects containing mailbox information. Each object has the attributes name, specifying the full name of the mailbox; delimiter, which is the hierarchy delimiter for the part of the hierarchy this mailbox is in; and attributes. Attributes is a bitmask that can be tested against:

  • LATT_NOINFERIORS - This mailbox not contains, and may not contain any "children" (there are no mailboxes below this one). Calling imap_createmailbox() will not work on this mailbox.

  • LATT_NOSELECT - This is only a container, not a mailbox - you cannot open it.

  • LATT_MARKED - This mailbox is marked. This means that it may contain new messages since the last time it was checked. Not provided by all IMAP servers.

  • LATT_UNMARKED - This mailbox is not marked, does not contain new messages. If either MARKED or UNMARKED is provided, you can assume the IMAP server supports this feature for this mailbox.

  • LATT_REFERRAL - This container has a referral to a remote mailbox.

  • LATT_HASCHILDREN - This mailbox has selectable inferiors.

  • LATT_HASNOCHILDREN - This mailbox has no selectable inferiors.


Example #1 imap_getmailboxes() example

      or die(
"can't connect: " imap_last_error());

$list imap_getmailboxes($mbox"{}""*");
if (
is_array($list)) {
    foreach (
$list as $key => $val) {
"($key) ";
imap_utf7_decode($val->name) . ",";
"'" $val->delimiter "',";
$val->attributes "<br />\n";
} else {
"imap_getmailboxes failed: " imap_last_error() . "\n";