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(PECL ingres >= 1.1.0)

ingres_preparePrepare a query for later execution


ingres_prepare ( resource $link , string $query ) : mixed

Prepares a query for execution by ingres_execute().

The query becomes part of the currently open transaction. If there is no open transaction, ingres_query() opens a new transaction. To close the transaction, you can call either ingres_commit() to commit the changes made to the database or ingres_rollback() to cancel these changes. When the script ends, any open transaction is rolled back (by calling ingres_rollback()). You can also use ingres_autocommit() before opening a new transaction to have every SQL query immediately committed.

Note: Related Configurations

See also the ingres.describe, ingres.scrollable and ingres.utf8 directives in Runtime Configuration.



The connection link identifier


A valid SQL query (see the Ingres SQL reference guide) in the Ingres documentation. See the query parameter in ingres_query() for a list of SQL statements which cannot be executed using ingres_prepare()


ingres_prepare() returns a query result identifier that is used with ingres_execute() to execute the query. To see if an error occurred, use ingres_errno(), ingres_error(), or ingres_errsqlstate().